New Work Order?

Während der Pause gibt es einen Artikel in Englisch (veröffentlich auf Linkedin von Jan Schäfer)

Have you ever wondered about these reports, showing people working on their laptops at extraordinary places like on beautiful beaches or in front of spectacular mountain views? Is this real? The answer is simple: Yes! I´m a living example for working in a different way. 
For years I had a jobs at several communication agencies. Routine embossed my everyday life: getting to work in the morning and coming home at night. Sometimes my office was nice and colored, others looked like a box or like a glasshouse. Projects for clients were literally settled either alone – in this office box – or in teams. Meetings in stuffy conference rooms lasting for hours were standing on the agenda then. Sure, nothing was missing: latest technique, newest software, gallons of coffee, fruits et cetera. Now and then I realized, something is not going right, the flow sticked or it took too long to find a wow-idea. My creativity needed a boost. 
Well, four years ago I decided to change my working life. I wanted to combine work, life and free time, because it became aware to me, the best ideas occurred mostly at places or times which had nothing to do with work. A lot of people know this. It happens while taking a shower or mowing the yard. So, why don´t we create surroundings or environments to promote the flow of creativity? I resigned my job at the agency, packed my stuff and moved with my family in to the mountains – to East Tyrol – living a new way of working like the people in these reports on TV. 
Politicians, representatives of trade association and leaders of companies constantly demanding innovations, new ideas and open minds to ensure location for business and industry. But, how should this happen in a world of walls, steel, glass, 9-to-5-thinking, certified working process, overcrowded cities without fresh air to breath or freedom to let ideas grow? Since the internet has made a lot of thing possible, the telecommunication infrastructure becomes better and better and new technologies continuously are invented, different ways to work are also developing. Experts are convinced, the increasing digitalization will change not only working processes, it will also change the complete understanding of work – new work order.
On nice days I grab my skis or climbing boots, pack my mobile office – consisting of iPad, smartphone, foldable keyboard as well as old-fashioned paper and pencil – into the rucksack and go on the mountains. Solutions and ideas are coming up easily while walking or skiing. It just happens. At a cottage I open up my outdoor-office and start working on projects like at a usual office . Internet and cloud make it possible. Sometimes people asking my, what am I doing? The are fascinated and almost can’t believe my explanation. And the results? My conclusion is throughout positive and my clients like the way I work for them. Some of them have been visiting me to feel the special spirit of a new attitude toward work.